Over the last ten years, environmental issues have been becoming a common concern for the whole world. Personal transportation is among the top causes of air pollution. Due to this, the electric vehicle (EV) market is very promising and there is room for development of this field.

The 2022 PERSONAL MOBILITY BUSINESS CONFERENCE AND B2B MATCHING DAY taking place on 24th-25th August was hosted by KOSME, technically consulted by SMEDEC1(SMEs Development Support Center) and filmed by VTC Digital Television, with participation of 11 Korean manufacturers of Electrical vehicles and parts.

The event brought in-depth knowledge on the personal EV market of both Korea and Vietnam, and standards and regulations on EV applied in Vietnam, with presentation from KCL, KTR, SMEDEC1 and VISTIP specialists. This brought opportunities for not only Korean enterprises to approach the Vietnamese EV manufacturers and distributors but also Vietnamese EV manufacturers to discover new technology from Korean partners.

42INT was the main coordinator of the whole event, in charge of all construction, workshop organizing, B2B matching and interpreting services for the organizer. During the event, there were more than 100 audiences of the seminar and 70 B2B meetings between Vietnamese enterprises with 11 Korean EV manufacturers with 5 MOUs signed.

42 INTERNATIONAL is honored to become a trusted partner of Korean organizers for trade promotion events (B2B Matching, MOU, Exhibition, etc.

42 INTERNATIONAL is confident of our PROFESSIONAL – CONSCIENTIOUS – QUALIFIED – CREDITABLE services and will always work for two sides as our core vision.