On May 16, the Consortium of Korean Industrial Corporations (KICOX) organized the event “Vietnam – Korea Trade Exchange”, with the participation of 6 Korean companies working in the following industries: Equipment measurement, Motors, Household appliances…

At this event, reputable Korean manufacturers/suppliers introduced rich and diverse products from daily essential consumer goods to industrial goods. As for Vietnamese businesses, through this trade session, they also found suitable Korean suppliers.

42 INTERNATIONAL is honored to participate in the event as the event coordinator. Our mission is to provide on-site staff and interpreters, target potential buyers and arrange B2B meetings.


42 INTERNATIONAL is honored to become a trusted partner of Korean organizers for trade promotion events (B2B Matching, MOUs, Exhibitions, etc.)

42 INTERNATIONAL is confident about our PROFESSIONAL – DEDICATED – QUALITY – PRESTIGIOUS services and will always be for both parties as our core vision.