With the goal of enhancing trade cooperation opportunities as well as creating new business opportunities for Vietnamese – Korean businesses, Posco International in conjunction with Tips Town and Postech Hodings organized a trade event with exporters Korean export.

On May 22 at Grand Plaza Hotel, Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi, there was a direct trade session with Vietnamese importers. The delegation includes 10 typical businesses in the fields of Industry, Software, Healthcare, Household Appliances… More than 50 working meetings (1:1) have been arranged according to the needs of the two countries’ businesses took place with great success.

In order for the transactions to be most effective, 42 International have actively introduced and given detailed advice on products to each Vietnamese business through catalogs and promotional images. Working sessions are also carried out through the support of Vietnamese – Korean coordinators and interpreters. Thanks to that, this Vietnam – Korea Trade Connection event has opened up new cooperation opportunities for businesses of the two countries.

In addition, on May 23, the Korean business delegation had a visit to the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) and the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME). The visit went extremely well, the two above agencies shared with Korean businesses about the history and current market of Vietnam’s economy. This sharing has helped businesses have a clearer view of Vietnam’s economic situation to come up with appropriate business strategies. 42 International is very honored to co-host this program.


42 INTERNATIONAL is honored to become a trusted partner of Korean organizers for trade promotion events (B2B Matching, MOUs, Exhibitions, etc.)

42 INTERNATIONAL is confident about our PROFESSIONAL – DEDICATED – QUALITY – PRESTIGIOUS services and will always be for both parties as our core vision.